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“Escort” capacitive fuel sensors can be installed instead of fuel level sensors with a similar flange commonly mounted for float-operated automobile fuel level sensors in the CIS.

The fuel level sensor converts the level into a digital code and transmits the values to the GPS/GLONASS tracker using various signals to connect to a level gauge and an output for indicating the emergency fuel balance.

The model range of fuel sensors “Escort”


A standard sensor supporting
2 operating modes.


A multi-purpose sensor supporting
4 operating modes.


A wireless fuel level sensor supporting Bluetooth operation.

Specifications Advantages Technical documentation


Signal output to the standard fuel gauge.

Alarm of emergency fuel level

Firmware on-site upgrade

Remote shift of levels.

Password protection, at request.

It is issued in four standard modifications - L1000, L1500, L2000, with a possibility of extension to 6 m.

After trimming, it can have a length of up to 15 cm.

Certificates of explosion safety and metrology.

GLONASSsoft Group of Companies offers a full range of services for the installation of GLONASS equipment,

autonomous search equipment, implementation, support, service and maintenance services of automated vehicle tracking systems.

Cloud platform

Cloud platform

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